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Are you paying too much?

Benchmark your bank fees to find out

Is your structure efficient?

Ask a trusted advisor to find out

“I highly recommend the Treasury Suite Bank Fee Review. The analysis provided was instrumental in helping me negotiate a 26% reduction in my ongoing monthly bank fees. The ROI was compelling - the review paid for itself in less than two months.”

Charles Edington - Director of Global Treasury, DigiCert

Are you paying too much in Bank Fees?

Have Treasury Suite review your account analysis statements and find out


Treasury Suite will do all the work and you'll enjoy all the savings. The bank fee review consists of the following quick steps:


  • Send your most recent account analysis statements
  • Treasury Suite will run them through its proprietary benchmarking tool
  • You’ll receive an easy to follow report containing a detailed comparison of your fees along with suggestions for optimizing your bank account structure and services
  • Use the benchmark report to talk with your bank(s) to negotiate cost savings and more efficient account services and structure

Treasury Suite’s clients that utilize the bank fee review generate ongoing monthly cost savings and the ROI on the cost of this benchmarking program is typically less than 3 months!


Treasury Suite will even conduct a free review of one of your banks – just ask for the free bank fee review.

Additional benefits include:

  • Enable your resource-constrained treasury staff access to actionable analyses in minimal time
  • Track the increasing number of services you receive from your bank(s)
  • Treasury Suite automates the organizing and rationalizing of complex data...a tedious chore that is not the best use of your team's talent or time


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