Case Studies

Case Studies

Let our success speak for itself. Take a look at some of the examples that illustrate the power of our cash management systems.

Health Sciences Firm

A health sciences organization had just bulked up their treasury staff with two new hires. Their first task: quickly find and implement a new treasury workstation. Their singular goal: find a way to effectively report and analyze cash spread throughout multiple entities across the globe.

The Treasury team took meetings with any and all workstation providers but ended up disappointed, despite their best efforts. Most workstations required drawn out, involved implementations. The cost of ownership was impossible to justify, especially considering the limited scope - global cash reporting. The rare workstation that seemed a good fit made every effort to sell extra modules and add-ins.

Treasury Suite was introduced late in the selection process but immediately became the best option and ultimately their selection. They have been using the Treasury Suite platform since 2013, and nearly all of the cash generated by their $1 billion in revenue is reported on Treasury Suite.

Ask anyone on the Treasury team and they will tell you just how much of a relief it was to find a solution that made sense in so many ways. Fast, easy, intuitive, powerful and cost effective. A big win for a new team.

A Great School in a Miserable State

Public employees get no love, and the Treasury staff at a State University nestled under the grandeur of Yellowstone National Park found themselves in a familiar situation - a long list of accounts, a longer list of stakeholders and a short list of staff.

Treasury Suite has long been a trusted advisor to the treasury team at Idaho State University for three main reasons:

1. Quick and painless implementation and connectivity with the University's main banking relationship

2. Automation - the daily email from Treasury Suite provided all the visibility needed to make daily cash decisions

3. The cache of clean historical data that has become the foundation for robust analytical decision making.

With Treasury Suite's help, the treasury staff found their way out from under the administrative burdens of cash management that slows down so many. Their cash decisions were based on automated processes that were automated and analytically sound.

Regional bank

A regional Bank found themselves in a head to head competition for an important client. The potential client had one significant requirement: cleanly report daily cash activities and balances by each location of their retail operations. The incumbent had a solution in place that worked well enough.

Banner Bank came to the team at Treasury Suite with the specs from the potential client and the stipulation that any reporting had to look good - every day.

Fortunately for Banner Bank, Treasury Suite was built on top of unique data aggregation and organization tools which made the proper reporting a quick development. In only a matter of days, Treasury Suite created the solution, sent for approval, and pushed the product into production. In a matter of days. All possible because Treasury Suite is built on robust technology that most industry incumbents are unwilling or unable to develop.